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  • gr00vy.pngLet's build a link directory!

    Nowadays the internet rules all our lives and is really full of cool and usefull things. But there are dark sides too. And we don't mean criminals who use a good thing for bad intentions, for the majority it's all about making money. Search engine optimized websites full of garbage make it more and more difficult to find really good content. Many other linklists are nothing but paid affiliate links with fake reviews.

    On gr00vy this will be different and you can be a part of it!

    The plan is to create a directory with handpicked stuff from users for users. We want to give underdogs the same chances like already popular sites. Everyone has bookmarks which probably hardly anyone knows, but deserve more attention. You can help those by submitting them to the directory. What you can also do is to rate websites that have already been submitted or write a short review about your experience with them.

    Or simply tell your friends about gr00vy. We're small yet but grow every day with every submitted link!

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